My Process

What happens when you connect with me?  Here’s the step-by-step:

Understand Your Needs.

This is a free, one hour process.  I will connect with you over the phone, Skype, online meeting software, or via email.  Whatever works for how you work.  The goal is to make sure I clearly grasp the issues you face in order to give you the best possible estimate.

Estimate Fixed-Price Project.

Need to know the exact cost of your well defined project?  I will generate a fixed-price quote for you.  In most cases, the quote will be sent to you the day after our meeting.  The estimate breaks down the tasks needed to meet your needs – you will know exactly what will be done and how much it will cost. My estimates include a “valid for” time period.  This let’s you mull things over until you are ready to proceed.

Establish Open-Ended Project Rate.

Need to throw another developer at your project fast? Does your project need a little wiggle room for changing requirements or scope? Perhaps you would like to have me ‘become part of your team’ for a period of time? In these situations, I can provide you with an hourly rate.

Provide a Contract.

When you are ready to proceed, I will provide you with a contract that clearly outlines our working agreement and protects both of our interests. You have your own contract that you like to use with your contractors? No problem. I am happy to review and will sign if it protects us both.

Work Hard. Communicate Often.

Once you are ready to go ahead with your project, I will keep you very closely in the loop on all project work.  Where possible, I will create a testing site to let you check on my progress.  I keep my development process interactive so you have the chance to provide feedback as we go along.  This is important for both of us as I want to make sure that what I create meets your needs.

Invoice and Accept Payment.

I accept payment via paypal (which also means I accept most major credit cards).  My practice is to accept 30% of the estimate up front. The final amount owing, based off of the invoice calculated, is due within 30 days after the project is completed.  If the project is large or if your budget is tight, I can make arrangements to suit you by either breaking your project down into phases or working out a payment plan.

Provide Support.

I stand behind my work and ensure what I create is useful to you and your business.  I always include support with my projects and will outline the number of hours of support in your estimate.  I also include training and/or instructional documents.  My goal is to make sure that when you contact me again, it isn’t for a fix or gap in training, rather for additional features to further enhance your business.

Provide Maintenance.

Beyond support, if you would like to have me help maintain your site content, links, features, or other web development needs, I am more than happy to either work on a case by case basis, or develop a maintenance plan for you.

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