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Curious about what makes Little Owl Software tick?

Michelle Shackleford.

I started Little Owl Software in 2010. I am a seasoned professional in the software industry and have experience ranging from large corporate projects spanning several years to small and essential proprietor websites. I am very personable and like to become an integral part of your business solution.

Michelle Shackleford

Michelle Shackleford

Acquiring and managing several clients, I work with various technologies and methodologies depending on my client’s needs. I have worked with .NET, JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks, Java, PHP, CSS, HTML, and various other open source systems and frameworks. I am quick to pick up new technologies and I am diligent in following the best practices, philosophies, and architectures behind those technologies. My focus is to constantly stay in alignment with key business drivers and requirements. I’m not looking to build something for technology’s sake – I’m looking for ways to make my software projects more optimized, efficient, cleaner, cost-effective, and aligned with the strategic needs of your business.

Building more through collaboration.

I have wonderful peer relationships with others in complementary professions.  Artists, designers, photographers, film companies, translators, and other freelance developers and web development firms. If your web needs extend beyond software development, let me know. I would love to connect you with these professionals.

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